Mother’s Day card from Auden

Auden has been fretting over his Mother’s Day card to me since he came home from school on Friday. This morning he popped into my room and told me I had to stay upstairs until he was done with the glue. Uh oh!  Anyways, all’s well that ends well.

He made me this lovely card:

My HipstaPrint -1768919244-6

Note the damp glue on the pink flower.  :)  Here is the big reveal:

My HipstaPrint -1768919244-4My HipstaPrint -1768919244-3So So far he’s given me all he promised.  Here he is helping me with the pancakes:

My HipstaPrint -1768919244-5And now that our bellies are full, he and Wynn are snuggled up against each side of me playing Minecraft. It’s not the same without Stephanie (she’s at Lea’s house for Alyssa’s First Communion), but it is nice getting all the snuggles!

Of course, the kitchen is a little worse for wear.  But my heart is full, and that’s the main thing.

My HipstaPrint -1768919244-7

King Wynn

Wynn has been learning about ING in school. As in wining, swiming, being, and more.  He really seems to love wearing his new crown around the house, so we’ve taken to calling him King Wynn.  Here he is in action:

My HipstaPrint -1768919244

And, we learned that when you flip it over, he becomes a Knight. Cool, huh?!

My HipstaPrint -1768919244-1

Here’s a close-up of the crown and all the new words he’s learning:

My HipstaPrint -1768919244-2

Mother’s Day card from Wynn

I love the kids’ art projects. I always seem to have a pile things I want to photograph or scan (which, incidentally, drives Stephanie bonkers).  But today I was the Mystery Reader in Wynn’s kindergarten class – so fun!  And since I’m home today and I have a quiet moment, here is Wynn’s Mother’s Day card to us. :)

IMG_1543His writing is really coming along now that we’ve stopped feeding him gluten and dairy! As the school year winds down, I find it hard to believe Wynn is going to be six, and starting first grade in the Fall.  

Dear Stefuni


For those of you that weren’t able to sound it out … “Dear Stephanie, biles (please) can ples can you git me 10110 sic bics? and? …. Love, Wynn”.  Sick Bricks are a new kind of toy the boys are obsessing about.  They’re a sort of rubbery material but they fit together with legos.  The boys like them because you can scan the characters into a game on the iPad. And, in keeping with the name, they fart, burp, and do other inappropriate things. What could be better, right?!