The boys were in a silly mood at breakfast this morning, and they got talking about bouquinis (aka bikinis).  They were jumping around with their pajama tops in a knot, showing off their white bellies and cute little butt cracks hanging out of their pajama bottoms.  We couldn’t help but laugh along!


I grabbed a few pictures, but Auden got all adolescent on me and wouldn’t let me take a picture of him with Wynn.  So here is Wynn in action.  :)

Bacon breath

We have a little routine on weekend mornings.  Although they can’t get out of bed at 7 am on the weekdays, on the weekends the kids go roaring out of bed at 6:30 or 7 am.  They head downstairs in their jammies and they get screen time while Stephanie and I get a slow start.

Eventually I peel myself out of bed and start cooking bacon.  That usually brings the pitter patter of Wynn’s feet into the kitchen. “Bacon?!” He snarfs a piece, wipes his greasy hands on his PJs (or later, I’ve learned, on the sofa), and then heads back to his iPad.

But this morning he took a few minutes and sat with me in the kitchen.  Enticed by a plate of warm bacon, he ate a few pieces and watched me flip his chocolate chip pancakes.


“Hey bacon breath, gimme a kiss before you leave!”  A quick smooch and he was gone.

Santa and his reindeer

We took the boys to see Santa and his reindeer at a local nursery today.  They were pretty well behaved considering all the excitement.  I am still having some problems with our SLR, so I didn’t get much in the way of pictures. But at least it shows their age … and also Wynn’s self-inflicted haircut. Not sure what the hell he was thinking (?!), but at least we got our Christmas card photos done before he got inspired …



Minecraft morning

Wynn was up early, as usual.  This morning he enjoyed putting together Lego kits from his birthday:


Not just one morning, but multiple ones:


Although he is still playing with Legos, Auden likes Minecraft on the iPad.  More recently, he has enjoyed learning commands and playing Minecraft on the computer.  I broke down and bought Realms (three worlds and three mini-games) so that we could play together as a family. We won’t let him have commands in Realms, because he likes to try commands like Kill which are (obviously) not fun for the rest of us.   We haven’t done that yet (not enough computers in the house), but in the meantime he enjoys going into Single Player and practicing on his own.


Here is one of the elaborate houses Wynn build in Creative:


It’s been fun to watch them learn and explore this game, though they are anxiously awaiting some of the upgrades that are available on the PC and console version …

Family photo shoot

We got a super late start on our photos for the Christmas card this year.  We decided to work with a new photographer, but she didn’t have availability until November.  And then when Auden got strep throat, we had to delay even further. Who knows if we’ll even be able to pull Christmas cards off in time!  But I do like the tradition of capturing the boys every year – they just change so fast!  And this year they were really cooperative and patient both with us and with the photographer.  Here are a few of my photos … we look forward to sharing the family pictures in our Christmas card very, very soon!



Auden took this one of me while he was waiting for his turn.  Nice – best picture of me in awhile!  And Wynn took a few good ones of me, too …

Version 2

After being patient indoors, the boys were happy to be outside playing in the snow!



Here is a view of the Botanic Gardens as we made our way to a spot for outdoor photos:


And the Japanese Gardens, which served as a backdrop for our last outdoor pictures (before it became too cold to do more!)