The view

It was the first night in a week that I didn’t snuggle the boys at bedtime. And (probably not unrelated), both boys crawled into bed with us last night. I’m not sure what time Auden came in … after midnight.  And Wynn crawled in around 4:30 am, with leg cramps (again).

Here is my view on waking:

Gotta love the spider PJs and cute little toes!

When I woke up I realized Stephanie wasn’t in the bed. She wanted a king-sized bed for moments like this, but the reality is that they’re both so squirmy at night that four across is a recipe for sleep deprivation (for the moms at least)!

Unless it happens a few nights in a row, I’m not at the point where I send them back to their own beds. They have big personalities, but they are still so little. Here is another perspective:

I was hanging out nearby because I was worried he was going to fall out onto the floor!

So sweet, right? Right! (Yawn)

Super Student

Auden has had a lot of good days at school lately! This is the third time he’s been recognized as a Super Student, and he was so proud when he got home today!

Although he doesn’t talk much about how he feels about school, we are learning that he is hyper aware of how other kids are doing. He knows that three other kids made the Hall of Fame (making Super Student five times), and which other students are ahead of him.


Although I hate the terrifying list of side effects for the medicine he’s on, it is so nice to see him having some success in the classroom. No easy choices here …


Wynn’s reading and spelling is really starting to come along. Yesterday he made me this page of homework, featuring these two frogs (fogz).  I had to put my name at the top of the page (he helped me!), and then I was supposed to draw a cute little frog like the sticker he put on the back.


But honestly the whole thing was so adorable and perfect I didn’t want to write on it!  Definitely a keeper for me – look at the lashes on that purple frog!


Dust Bunnies

IMG_0459Wynn has been very reticent to share (or even admit!) progress with his reading and writing. But we’re starting to get more glimpses now of what he’s learning, and it’s pretty amazing how far he’s come in his 100+ days of Kindergarten so far.

When Auden was learning to read, we enjoyed reading Dust Bunnies with him. It’s a short story with cute illustrations, and lots of rhyming words. Now Wynn is reading it too! Here is a little clip:

Power Rangers

A week ago, Wynn came back from a friend’s house obsessed with a toy gun. We finally found out it was a Power Ranger toy, and after a good week behavior-wise, Stephanie bought it for him at Target.  Following that, he wanted to know more about the Power Rangers. That’s really all the boys have watched since! Here is Wynn zoned out in front of an episode he’s probably already seen 2 or 3 times!

Looks comfy, doesn’t it?! Aaah, to be 5 and flexible again – LOL!